Fying is by no means a simple ingredients distributor but has evolved into a function and nutrition solution provider for food&beverage, nutraceuticals and supplements industries. It stands out by the following ways.



Fying has been working  with a bunch of Chinese blender or contract manufacturer to make premix including but not limited to protein powder and multi-vitamins for global customers. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need a blended powder of muti-ingredients.



Partnered with Nanchang University- the top 3 food research institution in China, Fying has been developing  formulas for a variety of customers with different needs. We stand ready to assist you with your formula



Co-owned a few proprietary technologies like heavy metals removal, pesticides removal, de-fat, solubility improvement with Nanchang University, Fying has helped customers to creat purer products. Just let Fying be your R&D.